About Us

As nurse advocates, we continue to push for professional, safe and ethical foot care services available to our seniors. Mobile Foot Care of North Texas thrives on the satisfaction we get from helping our patients and are thankful for the opportunity to serve our community in such a meaningful way.

Our success is measured by the ever-growing number of seniors we serve each week. As a foot care nurse, providing such care to our seniors within the community is my honor.

Meet Your Foot Care Nurse, Chantal Franklin

With more than 20 years in providing healthcare for babies and seniors alike, my nursing experience has shown me the importance of routine foot care.
Whether you are an older adult or someone with chronic health issues, my mobile services can provide you with safe and gentle foot and nail maintenance.
Each session is personalized for you! No rushing: only a relaxing time spent taking care of you in a stress-free environment.
I’m a farm girl at heart, taking care of my family and pets, chickens and gardens. I enjoy cooking, sewing and a great thrift store.
I look forward to meeting you!

Access to safe, routine foot care shouldn't be a challenge.