Foot Care Services

There are many reasons why seniors may need a foot care nurse. As we age, issues such as declining vision, lack of dexterity and reduced flexibility can limit our ability to care for our own feet. Aging factors, such as thinning skin, medication use and disease processes place seniors at an increased risk for foot infections. Fit feet become even more important as we age.

When we meet with patients, we do a professional assessment of their current foot health. We will discuss specific concerns of the patient - nail trimming, callus treatment and any foot care goals the patient may have. Mobile Foot Care of North Texas provides services for these conditions with a gentle approach using only sanitized tools. Our services are provided in a comfortable environment to preserve the patient’s health and contribute to their peace of mind.

Toenail Trimming

We take a careful interest in your feet. Nail integrity, shape, thickness and growth patterns vary and tend to change as we age.

Routine foot care visits involving trimming, thinning and filing of toenails are designed to improve a patient’s mobility, decrease their fall risk, provide overall foot comfort and promote better shoe fit.

Regular maintenance of your nails will allow you to lead a more active lifestyle while improving your overall health and wellness.

Corns/Calluses/Dry Heels

The integrity of skin and other parts of our feet may be compromised as we age, leading to issues that can affect overall health and mobility.

Thinning fat pads on the bottom of our feet can lead to calluses, as the body tries to compensate for the reduction in padding. This can impair our overall walking and balance.

Changes within the aging foot, often caused by misaligned bone structures and loss of skin elasticity can lead to corns, calluses or cracked heels.

Foot Assessment

Feet inevitably change over time – the overall size, width, and structure can vary substantially as we age.

Some changes can be due to trauma, disease processes and medication use. Other changes occur as a result of normal wear and tear or increase in weight.

We can assess these changes and make recommendations tailored to meet your lifestyle and foot health needs.

Access to safe, routine foot care shouldn't be a challenge.